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Riverside-S- 13.jpg

This is a view of the front of the building. There are 12 units so this is not all of them. Nice parking area.

THIS IS A VIEW OF THE UNITS AND PARKING AREA FOR THE BUILDING THAT FACES THE RIVER. There are two parking spaces for each unit and they are numbered.

Riverside-S- 04.jpg

This is a view from the end of the building, unit #24, showing all 12 units.

Riverside-S- 09.jpg

This is a view of the Finley River where many tenants enjoy fishing. This view is from the back parking area, which faces the River.

Starting in April of 2007, the city of Ozark started building a walking path from the city park to a new rec center. It is now finished. We gave the city permission to go across our property along the river as we felt our tenants would like this very much.   

The new rec center is about a block from us.


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